Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is this?
A. In a word…FUN! Bubble soccer is the craziest, most fun game you can play. Rent our top-quality, ultra-durable bubble suits and choose teams. It’s perfect for anyone looking to have a ball with some friends – a bubble ball, that is. Play it just like regular soccer or there are lots of other unique games you can try while suited up.

Q. Where is it available?
A. Huntsville, Alabama and surrounding areas.

Q. How does it work?
A. It’s simple…use this website to make reservations and rent our equipment. You’ll be able to choose the number of inflatable bubble suits you want to reserve, select your dates, and pay for your rental. If you need personal attention, bounce on over to our “Contact Us” section.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. You can’t put a price on happiness! But seriously… For those looking to rent our bubble suits, it only costs $29.95 per bubble suit (plus 7% tax) for a full day. And when we say a full day – we mean it… You can keep the bubble suits for a full 24 hours. For most events, the total price will compare favorably to renting an inflatable bounce house for a kids’ party. We think you’ll agree it’s a lot of bash for the buck!

Q. How many bubble suits should I rent for my event?
A. We believe we can satisfy the demand no matter how many you’d like to rent, but most groups can make do with 10 or less to form up teams and get plenty of playing time for everyone. You’ll want to rotate your players so they can get some rest or serve as officials…plus you’ll find it’s almost as much fun to watch as it is to play. But if you’re planning a large event and want to go all out, just let us know.

Q. Any words of advice for renters?
A. Yes…hydrate! It’s so much fun you won’t realize how much exercise you’re getting.
And NEVER do this!!!…

Zorbing Fußball Rodeo

Verkehrte Welt. (via JukinVideo)

Posted by Huffington Post Deutschland on Thursday, July 7, 2016

Actually, we provide a list of recommendations with every rental, including safety tips and even some variations of gameplay rules to keep things interesting.

Q. How can I get more info?
A. Contact us by Email: or by Phone: 256-590-2718 to learn more.

Q. What happens after my rental is over?
A. The return process is simple. In fact, it works just like the check-out process – except in reverse. 🙂 We’ll work with you to identify a convenient time on the return date to meet you and take the bubble suits back. After that, we’ll clean and disinfect them for the next customer. Surely you noticed how clean the suits were when you checked them out!

Q. That’s everything I need to know and I’m ready to Rent Now! What should I do next?
A. You can make your reservation right here on this website.